Fire in Haines

September 24, 2007

On Saturday night (9/22), at around 1:10 AM, someone set a plastic trash can on fire in Haines. They dumped all the garbage out onto the floor and set the trash can in the middle of the hallway, before setting it on fire. Smoke filled the building, and everybody had to stand outside for a long while until they could vent some of it out. Luckily, someone rushed up with an extinguisher and put it out before it really had a chance to spread. If left unchecked, serious damage could have been done to Haines, and all its residents’ belongings. The carpet is singed and the plastic bottom of the trash can is burned into the carpet, but beyond that no serious damage was done. However, this kind of “prank” is probably the worst kind — it is dangerous to people and their things. At the very least, people had to inhale the fumes of burning plastic (which I think are toxic, don’t hold me to it) and everything in the hallway was coated in dust. As it is, Haines residents are going to have to pay for the damages unless whoever started the fire can be identified. A picture of the burned-out trash can is below, along side a picture of the hallway and a couch near the fire so you can see how much dust the fire created.

Note: now you can all rest easy knowing that weather will not be the only thing discussed in this blog.


Cool Skies

September 23, 2007

Ok, this isn’t newsworthy per-se, but right after storms is when you get the coolest skies over Oxy. Check out these clouds over Chilcott. Soon enough, LA will be expierening its usual sunny, cloudless days, so enjoy them while you can (if you enjoy this sort of thing). Some more pics below (remember, you can always click on a pic to see a larger, higher-res version of the image):

These are of the sky over Johnson from the Haines parking lot.

Colorado Ave, still wet from the rain.

Rain at Oxy

September 22, 2007

It’s raining! Oxy is experiencing an unusual September storm front, resulting in some wet nights this weekend. If you love puddle-jumping, enjoy this while it lasts — who knows when it will rain next. If you came to Oxy to escape rain and other non-sunny weather, don’t worry. Weather should be back into the 80’s and sunny by Tuesday.