Update: Skotheim Doesn’t Necessarily Support Lowering the Drinking Age, Just Wants to Talk About It

While it is true that Robert Skotheim, President of Occidental College, has put his and Oxy’s name down as signatories for the Amethyst Initiative, a group looking to lower the drinking age to 18 across the country, he might not be quite as decided as to whether that is actually the best thing to do to help curb the drinking on college campuses.  A recent LA Times article documented several local schools’ support of the Initiative, and it says that Skotheim “signed the petition to encourage discussion, but said [he] had not decided whether the drinking age should be 18.”  It’s hard to argue with encouraging dicussion, but it’s a shame because it seems just so unlikely that anything will ever become of the Amethyst Initiative and the issues it’s addressing.


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