New "Guide to Campus Safety" Has Some Interesting Statistics

This last week, in all of the our mailboxes, we got the 2007-2008 version of the “Guide to Campus Safety”. Now, it seems that most people just throw this away off hand, or just throw it in some drawer (who needs to know the school alcohol or weapons or sexual assault or gambling policies anway, right?). But, one thing that most people don’t realize is in the handbook are the crime stats for the last three years, and some of them are pretty interesting. Now, keep in mind, these are reported crimes. There is only 1 hate crime on the books from last year (and it was an off-campus hate crime at that), but hate crimes are a crime that usually goes drastically underreported. Anyways, here are some of most interesting of the numbers from last year (just a note: I’m going to look only to the numbers that pertain to on-campus activity):

  • The zeros (meaning there were none) for on campus crimes: Murder, Manslaughter, Robbery, Hate Crime
  • There were 7 reported on campus arsons
  • There was 1 forcible rape, 1 aggravated assault, 1 grand theft auto, and 9 grand theft larceny — to me, that’s a suprisingly high number of major crimes
  • There were 31 violations of the alcohol policy and 28 violations of the drug policy — meaning there were almost the same number of drug and alcohol violations
  • There were 27 false fire alarms

It’s always good to know the facts about how safe/unsafe the campus really is. Do any of these numbers suprise you? Do any seem higher or lower than you expected?


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